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” In this technological era,our mission is to lead you to become a band along with our services. As Creaup Studio firm, we follow new updates of the sector due to fulfill your wishes. Our aim is to reflect you by our works. We are always be there for you when you need “

  • Web Design
  • UX & UI Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Mailing
Development & Hardware
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerence
  • Automotion & Special Programs
  • CRM - ERP
  • Mobile Application
  • System Management
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Google AdWords
  • Mertcan Sezan CEO

    In 2015 he found himself in a dream, he brought people together, which ones has the same dreams and warring for it.

  • Atakan Savaş
    Backend Developer

    Atakan's philosophy of life is freedom,he was joined in the team which he can feel free and he's leading to backend department.

  • Sercan Şanal Seo Expert

    For the first time in 2007, when my computer teacher Hüseyin Güneş created website of our school, a website creating idea was formed in my mind. I was 15 years old when I finally succeeded in creating a real website that people visit it in the early 2009 after my numerous trying.

  • Emre Köklü Front End Developer

    He was met with team members from many years ago,he saw the company as he's own family and hes serving at front end development department.

  • Enes Can Abanuz Social Media Specialist

    Being everything of the brand on internet. Making the brand accessible, reliable and likeable in social media by being both advertiser and communicator besides by developing a sensible perspective in terms of end-user.

  • Ataberk Horozlu Junior Web Developer

    Ataberk is 16 years old. He continues to his education. He has joined to Creaup Studio family to develop himself. He completes his work by taking pleasure. This is Ataberk’s first work experience, he is used to work life quick and he hasn’t any difficulty.

  • Barışcan Sezan Sales Manager

    He provides to perform activities in accordance with quality policy and targets of the company.

  • Save the Pan Drippings from Your Steak for an Extra Tasty Salad Dressing

    Topping a salad with sliced steak makes for a tasty and filling simple supper, but you can take the savory goodness even further by using the pan juices to make an extra indulgent dressing.

  • Google's New iPhone Keyboard Lets You Instantly Search GIFs, Images, Places and More

    iOS: It’s not like Google to release a keyboard for the iPhone, but this one, called GBoard, allows you to search right from the keypad. When you find an image, place, link, even a GIF that you want to type, one tap pastes it.

  • What Would Your Dream Smart Appliance Be?

    While smartphones and -watches have become commonplace for most people, the integration of smart devices in every aspect of living has only just begun. While tech like smart fridges, TVs, and home hubs do exist, their use isn’t widespread. Still, given the increased digitization of the world, it’s only a matter of…

  • Dark Sky, the Up-to-the-Minute Weather App, Finally Arrives on Android

    Android: Dark Sky has long been one of our favorite weather apps, but it’s been iPhone only—today it’s finally available for Android users, who can make use of its minute-by-minute weather tracking, crowdsourced data, and more.

  • Build a Solid Strength Base With the "Big Three" Exercises

    The barbell squat, deadlift, and bench press are lovingly referred to as the “Big Three” exercises. When done correctly and together in a workout program, they hit oh-so many muscles in your body, teach you coordination and stability, and build incredible strength. If you’re new to lifting, learning these exercises is…

  • Cut The Cord With Amazon's Amplified HDTV Antenna, Now 20% Off

    If you’ve tried an unamplified HDTV antenna like the Mohu Leaf, but can’t quite pull in every channel you want, this AmazonBasics leaf-style model includes a USB-powered amp that should add a few miles of range. All you have to do is plug it into your TV’s USB port or the included USB wall charger.

  • Use Active Hours In Windows to Prevent Updates When You Need to Use Your PC

    Windows: Microsoft has a nasty habit of pushing updates when they’re least convenient. If you’re tired of updates occurring when you’re working, the new Anniversary Update can avoid them during work hours.